6/12/2015 – We are super pleased to announce the release of our latest project, a super-collectable limited run DOUBLE 12″ EP, featuring  a collection of baseball themed songs.  The record is anchored by the Todd Snider‘s Dock Ellis classic ‘America’s Favorite Pastime’ and The Baseball Project‘s ‘The Day Dock Went Hunting Heads,’ and were released in conjunction with a visual art show commemorating the 45th Anniversary of Dock Ellis throwing a no-hitter on LSD.  They are all hand painted to resemble psychedelic baseballs, and are hand cut on a vintage lathe by Funky Frankenstein Records. They will be pieces of audio-visual art in their own right, and come with a full set of six band trading cards.  You can see the badassness, and order one of your own, right here.

Here’s the full track list (check posts below for more info on each artist):

Side A:
‘America’s Favorite Pastime’ – Todd Snider
‘Baroque Blind Symphony’ – Cowboy Concept Ya’ll & David Allen Foucault
‘No-No Dock, Focus’ – Paulo Villabona

Side B:
‘The Day Dock Went Hunting Heads’ – The Baseball Project
‘Ellis, D’ – Caleb Groh
‘Josh Gibson’ – Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen

Here’s a link to the Facebook event for the art show, to try and ‘paint’ the full picture:

The Semi-Pro No No Show


4/15/2015 – Who’s ready for Record Store Day 2015?!?  We (almost) are!  We’ll be at McKay Books Nashville, for live sets from Spoken Nerd & American Dream, and we’ll also have super collectible 7″ releases from both bands.  Each release will be limited to 20 copies, and are lathe cut by hand by our pals at Funky Frankenstein Records.  Both will also feature a unique cover variant, making them all 1/1.  Cool stuff!

ALSO, we’re are busy planning an amazing multi-media show to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Dock Ellis’ LSD no-hitter.  There will be a gallery full of amazing art, and we’ll be releasing a badass EP of Dock/baseball themed songs.  Check out the Facebook event page for more up to date information:

The Semi-Pro No No Show


9/8/2014 – Nashville folks!  Get out to your local record shops!  Fresh copies of the Sarah Potenza 7″ ‘Up on the Third Floor’ w/ ‘Grandad’ are in the local stacks at Grimey’s New & Preloved Music and The Groove.  Go!


7/31/2014 – Well, well, well…we have a brand new record! Semi-Pro Records is incredibly proud to announce our first release. CATALOG # SPR-001: Sarah Potenza 7″ single. ‘Up on the Third Floor’ w/ ‘Grandad.’ Available NOW, and soon at a real-live record store near you! All preorders will ship shortly. Thanks to all that made this possible!


7/28/2014 – So…as you ALL know September 27th is the second annual International Cassette Store Day. We’ve been working on a couple of projects, and we’re really excited to finally announce some details. Semi-Pro Records will be releasing: the 25th anniversary re-release of Central Illinois popsters The Craigs ‘Heart on a Stick,’ a split EP from Tennessee noise-makersPrivate LivesMouth Reader, and a brand new indie hip hop full length from Spoken Nerd. More details to come, including news on some planned release shows. Viva la tape!

Aaaaand…the Sarah Potenza 7″ (‘Up on the Third Floor’/’Grandad’) is just minutes away from release…stay tuned!


6/18/2014 – The masters of the Sarah Potenza 7″ are turned in to United Record Pressing.  We should have them back any day for approval; then it’s on to full production.  We still expect to have the finished product available by the end of July!

Lots of fun stuff happening involving International Cassette Store Day, on September 27th.  We hope to have 4 (maybe 5!) releases ready in conjunction with this cool celebration of a classic musical format.  Stay tuned!


4/20/14 – Studio time is booked!  Sarah Potenza and the band will be heading to the studio this week, and they’ll be recording the tracks for the first 7″ release.  Pictures and more updates to come.


3/20/14 – Ok!  We’re live with phase one of this project.  We just launched a fundraising campaign on indiegogo.  Please check out the link below, and consider a contribution to get us off the ground.  Be a part of musical history!  Thanks for supporting independent music and art!

Check it out!!