Semi-Pro Records is a real, live independent record label right here in the heart of East Nashville, the New Music City USA.  It’s the dream project of Brad Bornac.  A fan.  A supporter.  A collector.  A lover of live and recorded music.  It will be a safe home and jumping off point for some talented folks we’ve met over the years.  Semi-Pro Records was born to be a vinyl only label, but we  also dabble in cassette releases for the right projects. The vibe and aesthetic of Semi-Pro is also influenced by our love of sports, so you’ll  see lots of extras that hint at that world. Think trading cards, jerseys, etc.  Most of that fun stuff will be created by talented neighbor, and good friend of Semi-Pro Records, Mike Mitchell of mikewindy fame.   We hope Semi-Pro Records to be an extension of the amazing spirit that is alive in East Nashville, and to build a tradition of collaboration across artistic genres.  So…hand selected projects released on beautiful vinyl with great packaging, including whimsical, collectable handmade stuff from friends and neighbors. What’s not to love?  We don’t know where this adventure will lead, but we do expect to put out records that we’re proud of, full of love and music with soul.